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Distance Learning available at Pitman Training

The impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt all over the world. This is a challenging time for everyone. Many cities and towns are imposing restrictions to slow the spread of the virus, causing massive disruption in our lives.

You are Stressed? No Stress!

According to a survey done earlier this year by LinkedIn Learning, 52% of professionals are stressed in their jobs and that is a lot of stressed out people

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14 Tips for a more productive you

14 useful ways to improve your efficiency and get more done.

Top Tips to become a Microsoft ‘Guru’

When you're using Microsoft Office all day, every day, it's a good idea to learn some shortcuts.

How to Give Your Career A Digital Makeover

Guest blog from The Digital Marketing Institute. Read on to gain an insight into how you can transform your career in the digital industry...

Making an Impression in Half a Second

Will qualifications or qualities give you the wow factor? asks Claire Lister, MD of Pitman Training. Featured in Executive Secretary Magazine.

Switching paths: from education to work

Here are our thoughts and tips on how to make the transition from education to the workplace as smooth as possible...

Learning Through the ages

We firmly believe no matter your age, we should all be embracing lifelong learning. Read on for the benefits...

Interview Questions

Boost Your Interview Confidence and Be Prepared!