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Social Media Courses

Social Media is here to stay - learn how to effectively use multiple social media platforms in your marketing, and find your voice.

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For a career in Marketing, Event Management, or as an Executive Assistants or Personal Assistants, you need to be social media savvy, or you’re going to get lost. The same goes if you’re a small business owner.

Whether using social media to market your products or services, build loyalty or provide customer service advice, you need to understand the full spectrum of tools available before deciding which to use. Once you’ve studied one of our Social Media courses you’ll be able to create a strategy that’s highly tuned to your specific objectives.

Social media for businesses is the number one channel to effectively market to new audiences. From self-employed individuals pitching for work and clients, to multinational corporations looking to reach out to their audiences, social media marketing is key. But, just how do you use social media effectively in your role or company?

Here at Pitman Training we offer a range of courses for some of the most popular social media platforms. These will help you create the correct type of business profile or page, communicate effectively with your target audience, and gain the all-important ‘word of mouth’ awareness and interaction with your customers across your social channels.

Social media has exploded into the forefront of our everyday lives – both personally and professionally, through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more!

There are so many options for a business to engage with their audience, free of charge, recruit brand ambassadors and promote their products. But, there are also fantastic benefits to you as an individual as well. Whether you are looking to raise your profile as a thought leader in your industry, want to connect with others on similar career paths or maybe you’re looking for a new role. Our social media training courses will give you the skills you need to enhance your online performance and promote your personal or business brand.

You can even take this one step further and take a look at our Marketing and Event Management Courses which compliment our social media courses and training.

We also offer online social media courses which are available to study in our centres, or online through our Pitman Campus, which you an access from work or from the comfort of your home – helping you to learn at a time and place that suits you.

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