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Pitman English

English language courses provided by 180 year old British Business Superbrand Pitman Training

Achieving the very best and most up to date skills can improve your confidence, and possessing good English language skills can open up a whole new world of opportunities, both in your career and personal life.

We’re not a typical English Language School, Pitman Training are delighted to be able to offer students the opportunity to study a flexible and fun to study online English Language courses. Throughout your training you’ll be using real-life examples and topics that you can easily relate to, and most importantly subjects you are interested in, and you’ll have full support and access to all the resources and tutor support you need.

This online, interactive training course will help you advance key areas of your English language skills in:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Do you want to improve your English language skills?

Are you looking for work and need to be able to converse more fluently in English?

Do you want to train your employees to speak fluent English and significantly improve their level?


Before you start the course our Course Advisors will set you up with an initial Proficiency Assessment. This assessment determines your current English language skill level. The course software then adjusts the level of your training as appropriate to ensure you start at the right level.

Once you are ready to start your training, you will begin by selecting 3 topics that are interesting and relevant to you. There is a wide range of themes available to choose from including:

  • Sport
  • Family and friends
  • Technology
  • Fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Travels
  • Health
  • Food and drink
  • Hospitality
  • Celebrities and Entertainment
  • Production
  • Art and Culture
  • Personal Finance
  • The shops
  • Policy
  • Business
  • World News

The course will then use these themes as the material you’ll study through a series of interactive exercises and games, all designed to progress your English language vocabulary and grammar skills. The content within the different themes is regularly updated to keep it up to date and relevant, this helps to makes the time spent studying engaging and interesting.

As you continue through the course you’ll build a bank of words, a grammar guide, which you will be required to review and study each week.

Practice Makes Perfect

As part of your course you will gain access to online tutoring sessions. These are conducted by an approved English language tutor and you will join these with a wider group of students studying the same course as you. These sessions are essential to help you improve your English conversational skills.

Aside from the tutoring sessions and online exercises you will need to dedicate additional study time each week for revision of your learnings to date.

The combination of interactive training exercises, group tutoring classes, revision and practice and the course tests will all help you in mastering the English language.

Not only will this course help you learn English more fluently but you’ll gain confidence and broaden your career prospects at the same time!

Supported Learning

Once you have started your training, you will be required to undertake a Proficiency Assessment every three months. This helps monitor and track your progress and ensures that you are studying material at the appropriate level as you progress.

Our Pitman Training course advisors will be on hand to offer advice and encouragement throughout the duration of your studies.

Once you have successfully completed your training you will receive a Pitman English certificate.


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