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How to Become a Software Developer Without a Degree

How to Become a Software Developer Without a Degree

The world is becoming increasingly digitised and the demand for people who can create specific software applications is growing. Software and web developers have become permanent fixtures in practically every industry. You're probably thinking, 'That's great, but who's got the time or money to spend the next three or four years at university learning how to do that?'. Well, contrary to popular belief, it's never been easier to learn how to become a software developer without a degree. So, if you're interested in becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, Pitman Training is here to help. 

A degree in computer science might be considered advantageous. However, you can develop the same skills in less time and at a lower cost by just taking an excellent adult education course. At Pitman, students have access to an extensive range of career-focused training programmes to help enhance their practical skills and industry expertise. So, if you want to learn how to become a software developer without a degree, Pitman can provide two courses to help you achieve that goal.

Web Developer Diploma

I am sure you will have heard the phrase 'first impressions matter. Web developers are responsible for a website's or web application's first impression. So, when a customer clicks on a business website, it is the web developers' work they see first. 

Pitman's Web Developer Diploma prepares students for a dynamic career in web development. It is perfect for anyone seeking a career as a web developer across a wide range of entry-level positions. This programme covers the primary and in-demand web development programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students in this course also gain hands-on experience with a range of web development projects that build in complexity as students add coding languages and technology skills to their toolkits. Throughout the course, students learn how to: 

  • Design the appearance and layout of websites
  • Develop cross-browser and cross-platform websites
  • Create and optimise content for websites using graphics, databases, and other elements
  • Translate wireframes and storyboards into functional, responsive websites.

Graduates from the Web Developer Course can expect to pursue various positions in web development. These include web developers; UI/UX developers, front-end web developers, HTML / CSS developers, and JavaScript / jQuery developers. As we progress towards an increasingly tech-filled future, developer skills are increasingly in demand. So, with web development, you will likely secure a job with excellent earning potential. In fact, according to, the average salary for a web developer in the UK is £39,284. 

Advanced Software and Web Developer Diploma

If you liked the sound of the last two courses, you'll love this. Why? Because the Advanced Software and Web Developer Diploma allow you to do them both at the same time! This diploma is excellent for anyone seeking a career in software and/or web development across a wide range of entry-level positions.

The Advanced Software and Web Developer Diploma allow students to gain hands-on experience with various software development projects that build in complexity as students add programming skills and languages to their toolkits. Students will learn the coding languages that every web developer needs to know: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students then broaden their skillset with a strong foundation in SQL, C#, and Microsoft's .NET Framework which will lead to even more opportunities in the world of software development.

Graduates of this programme can pursue various positions in software development, including web developer, UI/UX developer, front-end developer, HTML/CSS developer, JavaScript/jQuery developer, back-end developer, C# developer, and .NET. 

Here is what our students have to say...

William Twomey, Advanced Software & Web Developer Diploma – "The course is very practical and hands-on. The Database, Sequel and JavaScript modules were all great. To tell you the truth, I liked everything about it! Since taking this course, I have definitely grown in confidence. In fact, I have a friend doing a similar course with a different provider and I already know far more than him, which has given me an amazing level of confidence.

"My advice to anyone considering taking this course is that we've only got a limited amount of time on this earth. Instead of sitting there and complaining about your job, be proactive and invest in yourself and your future. If you have a genuine interest in programming, then go for it. You can make a better life for yourself."

Sarah Welland, Web Developer Diploma – "I chose Pitman as my course provider because I had studied with them before. I knew I could trust the course and the people working there to deliver great service. I really enjoyed the course and especially liked learning the CSS style sheet language because it gave me the artistic licence to plan out pages and choose my own images. 

"Altogether, the course was fun because you're putting together text and coding and, once you press a button, it all combines. It was nice to see my finished work. In the beginning, I wasn't sure what would result from my coding but then I would see everything responding to the code I'd inputted – it was brilliant! It explains how everything from the internet, the cloud, different programming languages, and computers work. You can even use it to make your own little games!"

A Pitman Training diploma is one of the most prestigious diplomas you can complete from one of the world's most highly regarded training organisations. Businesses throughout the UK recognise the Pitman Training name as a sign that you have been trained to the very highest level. So, if you're interested in a great career in software development, why not consider getting in touch with your local Pitman Training to hit the reboot button?