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How To Set Yourself Up to Earn More In 2023… And Beyond.

How To Set Yourself Up to Earn More In 2023… And Beyond.

Research states that a staggering 3 out of 5 Kenyan professionals are unhappy with their current salary yet, despite this, 54.6% of these employees claim that they have never tried to rectify the situation*. With the current economic climate being as unpredictable as ever, you too may be wondering how best to set yourself up in your career to earn more this year - and it's easier than you might think.

salary glass ceiling - Pitman Training

The salary glass ceiling

Did you know that many people have an unconscious block, a salary glass ceiling which prevents them from seeking opportunities in their current workspace? Signs you're not achieving your career potential include being aware that your career is stagnant, not knowing how to get it going again, or only living for the weekend as your job no longer excites or motivates you - things many people experience without acknowledging them. To achieve greater financial and professional success, you need to switch things up - this is where Pitman Training comes in. By learning new skills, you can smash through your glass ceiling and take your career to new heights.

Career Development - Pitman Training

Delve into your career development

Investing in your career development is a proactive way of moving your career forward. One of the best ways to increase the amount you earn in your current job is by developing skills, helping you stand out from the rest with your ever-expanding skillset. By undertaking training in your current line of work you are demonstrating your dedication to the role, whilst improving your professional development, standing yourself in good stead for the future. Investing in your career development helps you to remain satisfied in your job, giving you the confidence and gumption to strive for better opportunities - and better pay - as you take steps toward achieving your career goals.

Career Training - Pitman Training

Transform your skillset - and your salary

Career training, such as the programmes at Pitman Training, allows you to focus on specific career paths as you develop specific skills. Want to help those facing legal difficulties by joining the profession as a legal secretary? At Pitman, you can study specific skills used in this line of work, such as analytical reasoning. Career training will help you to set yourself up to earn more in 2023 – either in your chosen sector or a brand new one – preparing you before you enter a new position or making yourself more attractive for career promotion.

Why career training?

As opposed to a traditional university, career training saves time and can be tailored to skills you really want to improve. And, with a variety of study options available, from online courses to in-centre training, you can tailor your development around you and your lifestyle. Financially, career training can be much more affordable than traditional courses at college and university with flexible payment options rather than paying upfront. Choosing career training means you're set up to earn more from the start as your investment goes straight towards increasing your income by further developing your skills.

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