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Mastering Data Analyst Skills: What You Must Know

Mastering Data Analyst Skills: What You Must Know

Unlocking Your Potential in Data Analysis

In a world driven by data and the insights derived from it, data analysis is essential in any organisation that seeks to make data-driven decisions to advance their product, strategy or service. By dissecting data, companies can better understand their clients' needs and industry trends. To perform meaningful data analysis, a robust skillset is required – from data manipulation to statistical analysis and an understanding of programming languages. These skills can not only be used to boost your career prospects in your current sector but your employability across a variety of industries.

Versatility and applicability

Any understanding of information which you can use to find solutions to various problems can count as data analysis. Critical for making data-driven decisions and improving business outcomes in a range of industries, data analyst skills are versatile and applicable in various job roles. From collecting, analysing and presenting data to support business decision-making to using customer data and behaviour to identify patterns and insights for improving marketing campaigns, Data Analysts work across business disciplines. Whether you’re interested in working in healthcare, finance, marketing, or any other field, data analytics skills can be valuable and help you stand out from other candidates.

While it is easy to assume that Data Analysts are only useful in STEM-related career prospects, this could not be further from the truth. Data Analysts work within a wide range of organisations across a variety of sectors – whether you are looking to contribute towards the next scientific breakthrough or deciding the order of images in a magazine issue. The average base salary for a Data Analyst position in Kenya is KES 120,000 a month1, which can be more than doubled depending on your level of experience. So, how can you use data analyst skills to jumpstart your career?

Versatility and Applicability in Data Analysis  - Pitman

Analysis leads to employability

Employability is the set of skills, knowledge and attributes that make a person capable of being employed - skills that go beyond a person’s educational background and work experience. To become a Data Analyst, you need to be able to demonstrate relevant skills including creative thinking, logical methodology and project and data management. Developing these skills, which can be used inside and outside of the workplace, elevates your employability – especially in a fast-paced world that relies on data.

Data analysis requires a strong foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are highly valuable in any workplace, and candidates who can think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to complex problems are attractive to employers. Developing strong communication skills can help you present your findings clearly and effectively, which can make you a valuable asset to any organisation. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in data analytics, you can continue to expand your skill set and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving job market.

Analysis leads to employability - Pitman Training

Pitman's approach

At Pitman Training, we recognise that Data Analysts have become key team members of any business or agency that leverages data to improve its products, strategy, or future projections. And, with more sectors using data to improve their business plans than ever, Data Analysts are quickly becoming invaluable members of employee teams.

With our Data Analyst Diploma, you will gain practical analytical skills as you work through the courses, developing a strong foundation with the most powerful programming languages available for data manipulation, cleaning, and analysis. Our Data Analyst Diploma also offers a key module on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) training, incorporating the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of AI in a world that is becoming ever reliant on computer simulations.

Not only will you find out more about how data is created and managed, but you will also look at the fundamentals of research methods and statistical analysis, learning how to further improve your data analyst skills in your daily life. And, with an impressive analyst skillset under your belt, you can begin to configure the future of your career.

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July 2023, Data Analyst salary in Kenya, according to GlassDoor.