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Advanced Cloud Support Engineer Diploma with CompTIA

This diploma prepares IT professionals for more advanced positions with cloud technologies.

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This diploma is ideal if you’re looking for a position with greater responsibility than you’ll have with more entry-level roles in an IT department. Upon completion of the diploma, you’ll be well positioned to gain industry-recognised certification in several key areas of IT.

Award and Associated Qualifications

Awarded 280 CPD points upon successful completion

Start Date


Study Type

In centre, online, or a combination

Training Type



280 hours flexi study or 12 weeks full-time

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    About this diploma

    Position yourself for success in IT!

    As more and more companies move their infrastructure to the cloud, job openings in IT infrastructure increasingly include a requirement for cloud-computing training and experience. Such roles include systems engineer, network engineer, and database administrator.

    For IT professionals the learning never stops, because the technologies we rely on are always changing and evolving. For this reason, it’s key that anyone working in or aspiring to a job in IT infrastructure develop skills in these areas:

    • Cloud platforms: Three key players in cloud infrastructure are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This diploma trains in all three.
    • Data storage and security: Accessing, storing, and protecting data are each essential components of cloud computing covered in this programme.
    • Networking: Having knowledge of networking basics will be valuable when integrating traditional networks with cloud services. If you do not already have a background in networking technology, consider adding Network+ or Server+ as an elective.
    • Programming: Common languages used in cloud computing include Python and Java. Consider studying one of these languages to strengthen your skillset either as an elective with us or in the future as your career in cloud computing develops.

    For companies, cloud technology makes business processes faster and more efficient. The cloud improves the efficiency of backing up and storing data, and software updates can be deployed as soon as they’re ready. As a cloud engineer, your job will be to keep it all running.

    Aims and Objectives

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