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Getting Started with Information Security

Information security is becoming increasingly crucial for all types of organisations. In this course, you’ll explore key information-security concepts.

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This course is designed as an introductory-level information security course for anyone looking to develop an understanding of essential information security concepts.

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Awarded 20 CPD points upon successful completion

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In centre, online, or a combination

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20 hours

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    About this course

    In this course, you will learn the key concepts of different security topologies and the key role they play in network security. You will explore DevOps practices, such as continuous security and security monitoring, the benefits of using DevOps, and best practices of DevOps security. You will discover the importance of implementing security governance in an organisation.

    You will examine the strengths and weaknesses of a honeypot and how it is placed in networks. (A honeypot system is configured to detect, deflect, or counteract any unauthorised attempt to gain access to information.) You will explore why pen testing is needed to ensure secure environments and investigate tools used for pen testing. And you will learn about key Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) concepts, such as defense and best practices.

    You will also examine key features of network access control (NAC), the importance of NAC in a network, various NAC elements, authentication, and its implementation. You will explore key concepts related to subnetting, virtual machines (VMs), containers, and DNS security. And you will explore the common protocols in use and discover the security issues of the transmission control protocol / Internet protocol (TCP/IP) model and security protocols.


    Module 1 – Hardened Security Topologies

    Module 2 – Continual Infrastructure Testing

    Module 3 – Security Governance

    Module 4 – Honeypots

    Module 5 – Pen Testing

    Module 6 – APT Defenses

    Module 7 – NACs & Gateways

    Module 8 – Subnetting & DNS for Security Architects

    Module 9 – Securing Networking Protocols

    Aims and Objectives


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