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Pitman English

This online training course will help you improve key English language areas: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. 

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This Pitman English course is specifically for anyone who is looking to improve their fluency and ability in speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Please note this course does not give you the IELTS qualification. This assessment must be organised separately at an appropriately mandated testing venue.

Award and Associated Qualifications

Awarded 40 CPD points upon successful completion

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Study Type

or a combination, Online, in centre

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3 units will take around 40 hours

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    About this course

    Do you want to be able to converse more fluently in English? Are you looking for work and need to improve your English language skills? Pitman English is a flexible, fun way to improve your skills.

    This is an online training course which will help you improve key English language areas:

    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Writing
    • Speaking

    At the very beginning of the course, you’ll sit a Proficiency Assessment test to ascertain your current skill level. From here, you’ll get straight into the course, choosing units or subject areas you find interesting and relevant to you. This could be anything from travel, sports and technology, through to world news. The topics are regularly updated, so the course content is topical and relevant. To ensure you’re studying at the appropriate level, you’ll resit the Proficiency Assessment every 3 months to track and monitor your progress. The course level will then advance as appropriate.

    You can choose any 3 units to study at a time. Each unit will comprise different activities, exercises and games, all designed to provide an interactive and enjoyable study experience. As you’re learning, you’ll be building up your Word Bank, which will then provide one of the resources you’ll be required to study each week. You’ll also build a Grammar Guide, again another resource you will be asked to review and study each week.

    One valuable resource you will have access to is the tutoring sessions, which you can take part in with a wider group. These sessions will be vital to help you improve your English conversational skills.

    The combination of the study units, practice lessons, tutorials and ongoing assessments will all assist you in building confidence in your English language skills.

    At the end of this course, you will receive a Pitman Training Certificate.

    Please note this is not an IELTS qualification.

    What’s included in this course? 

    You can study up to 3 units at any one time.

    The topic of the units is your choice, and there is a wide ranging selection available with subjects such as

    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Travel
    • Food & Drink
    • Celebrities & Entertainment
    • Arts & Culture
    • Shopping
    • Business
    • Family & Friends
    • Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle
    • Health
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing
    • Personal Finance
    • Politics
    • World News

    Whilst studying, the online learning system will be automatically building your Word Bank and Grammar Guide which we recommend you study once a week.

    You’ll have access to online tutorial sessions with qualified tutors, which you can participate in as part of a group. You’ll be asked to attend these regularly to help build your conversational and pronunciation skills.

    You’ll also be required to sit regular achievement tests at the end of each unit to monitor your progress.

    Aims and Objectives


    Finance Options

    Career Path

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