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Supervisory Skills

This one-day seminar will help you to enhance your team leadership skills. During the workshop-style seminar you’ll look at how to delegate effectively, how to motivate your team to achieve positive results, motivating your team and building a positive environment to name just a few subject areas.


This one-day seminar is perfect for anyone who needs to learn more about the importance of becoming an effective supervisor or manager. Supervisors or managers who are newly appointed or who have had no formal training will find this seminar most useful.

The focus of the seminar is to help you establish and enhance your credibility as a supervisor. We will provide you with skills to help increase your work effectiveness through a better understanding of how to perform as a manager or supervisor in the workplace.

Key topics covered in this seminar include;

  • Learning to listen properly
  • How to delegate and understanding effective delegation techniques
  • An introduction to induction and the training of new staff
  • Getting the results you know your team are capable of
  • How to motivate and dealing with negative attitudes
  • To build a positive environment
  • Understanding and developing leadership skills
  • How to give and take criticism.

You will get a workbook with exercises and individual notes to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied in the workplace.

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