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Alice Festo masters Virtual Assistant Skills with Pitman Training

Alice Festo

Alice Festo completed Virtual Assistant Diploma with Pitman Training Kenya.

The course was an absolute joy to her, and having the option to study from the comfort of her own home was fantastic. Our senior Leaning Coach Nasira was incredibly supportive, always available to address burning questions and assist in every aspect. Her timely responses and valuable solutions made the learning experience exceptional. She said, "The Pitman team was friendly and welcoming, making you feel at home."

Alice is our standout student; she committed to acquiring new skills and participating in the courses despite working and having a family to care for.

Alice went on and added, "The course content was thorough, she acquired a wealth of skills in administration and social media and the online learning platform provided a user-friendly interface once guided by the instructor. While the instructor ensured follow-ups, commitment, and dedicated study time were essential--as they rightly say, there’s no shortcut to success."

She was pleasantly surprised by her graduation celebration at Pitman Training Kenya in December 2023, which allowed her to engage with other alumni and feel delighted after receiving her diploma.

"Alice:" A big thank you to Pitman Training Kenya. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any aspiring virtual assistant--it’s a sure bet!

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I'm thrilled to have completed my Virtual Assistant Diploma and obtained the certificate! The course was an absolute joy, and having the option to study from the comfort of my own home was fantastic.

- Alice Festo