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Inspirational Rohan Achieves Success

Course Studied:
Foundation Diploma in Bookkeeping with AAT

Time to complete studies:
3 months

Result gained:
Distinction (for every single course as well as overall)


When Rohan first came to us we knew that he had so much potential. Only 17 years old, he had started his A-Levels but quickly came to the conclusion that this wasn't for him and made the huge decision to quit school. He found an accountancy apprenticeship position with a local company and thought his career was starting but within 1 month the company terminated the apprenticeship. While a great shock for a 17 year old who now found himself out of school and out of work he approached us and enquired about the AAT Level 2 qualification.

Rohan came in for a meeting with his brother in June of 2016 and the next day paid and started his Foundation in Bookkeeping Diploma with AAT Level 2. Rohan did not waste any time, he started his first course and within one month, completed three courses and was sitting his first AAT exam. Rohan would come in Monday to Friday and would study for at least 5 hours a day. He quickly understood the concept of bookkeeping and within a month was passing his AAT exams with flying colours.

Rohan did not stop the pace here, he managed to complete his AAT qualifications and gain his Pitman Diploma in 3 months! He had so much self-motivation for a young lad it was very inspiring. Rohan had career goals that he wanted to achieve and he knew if he worked hard now he would be setting himself up for the future. Before finishing his last exam, Rohan found an apprenticeship position for a big company in central London. Rohan went for the interview and out of hundreds of applicants got the apprenticeship offer and all the hard work he'd been putting in was starting to pay off.

Only 10 months after the extreme disappointment and worry of finding himself with no education and no job he is now AAT Level 2 qualified working as an apprentice for a reputable company who are paying for his Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification and on his way to achieving his career goals. Inspiring to say the least.

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Rohan made the decision to quit his A-Levels and pursue vocational education with the goal of working in accountancy. Find out more about his inspirational journey...

- Inspirational Rohan Achieves Success